Sunday, October 23, 2016

50-ton trucks hauling water in West Penn Township from new Jay Land site - on roads that West Penn's own study recommended have 15 ton limit - require state and twp permits

Last week, it was reported here that a water extraction and hauling operation has sprung up in West Penn Township, much to the consternation of residents already dealing with a nearby operation operated by the same person - Jay Land.

Now, it has been observed that tankers that are believed to exceed the Federal, State and Township limits of 80,000 pounds are regularly hauling water from this site at #1 Fort Franklin Road.  Note these trucks have three axles, and are believed to be capable of a gross weight of 100,000 pounds.

Vehicles exceeding 80,000 pounds are never allowed on interstate roads, and only with a special permit are such vehicles permitted to haul water.  A permit is needed from both PADOT and West Penn Township, which would allow trucks up to 96,900 pounds to use local (Fort Franklin and Blue Mountain Drive) and state (SR 309 & SR 895) roads.

So, West Penn supervisors, are these 50-ton trucks actually permitted by you to be on your roads, or are you shirking your duties?  Have these trucks obtained the required PADOT permits needed?  As reported, a road study commissioned by West Penn Township in 2015 produced a recommendation that Blue Mountain Drive needs 1-1/2" of additional blacktop just to withstand the traffic at that time, (before the recent commencement of activity at #1 Fort Franklin Road) and that the road be posted for a 15-ton limit.  The road has not been improved or posted.

Is it possible that West Penn supervisors would grant the permit needed for these overweight trucks, given that a Land Development Plan was never submitted by Mr. Land - a violation notice for which he was sent in March of 2015?  Does Mr. Land say "jump," and West Penn supervisors ask "how high?"  Or is it possible that Mr. Land is just doing what he pleases?  Both?

Below is the 2015 road structure study, which cost West Penn taxpayers $10,500 and produced useful results - which have been summarily ignored by the supervisory body.