Friday, December 30, 2016

Synagro tables plan to proceed with biosolids plant Site Plan review in Plainfield Township - will not appear at January planning commission meeting

Synagro has withdrawn its request to appear at the Monday January 16, 2017 Plainfield Township Planning Commission meeting, and has granted an extension of deadlines for Site Plan recommendation and Zoning Hearing Board review until the end of March.

This comes as no surprise, because Synagro's Site Plan sucks ass at this point - they are a non-permitted use as well as an additional principal use on a lot already heavily used that is only zoned for one principal use.

Synagro intends to continue to hold public information meetings in January as shown on the right margin of this blog.  Residents should ask Synagro, Waste Management and Green Knight Economic Development representatives at these meetings:
Must-ask question: Why the hell are you even here, if the zoning doesn't permit you to be?
  1. Why didn't you have a conversation with the Zoning Officer before filing your application, to have him generate a ruling on whether your use was permitted?  Filing a Zoning Permit Application would have resulted in this.
  2. Why did you apply to locate your solid waste use not in the Solid Waste Processing and Disposal district, but in the Commercial Industrial district?
  3. Did you not hire a professional engineer, to review your application and determine where your use is permitted?
  4. Don't you understand that the proposed site is in an area zoned to provide a buffer from the Solid Waste district, not extend it towards Route 512?
  5. Why don't you withdrawal your application since your use is not permitted by right, and go find a site where it is permitted?
  6. Waste Management - why are you seeking to visit more of a nuisance on the community than you already present?
  7. Waste Management - is your current business profitable?  Isn't it greedy to attempt to use your lot twice over, when the Zoning Ordinance limits lot owners to one principal use per lot?  What possible hardship do you have that prevents you from making use of your property?
  8. Green Knight - you are supposed to be helping poor and needy citizens of the Pen Argyl Area School district.  How exactly would this project do that, other than provide a handful of low quality jobs?  What about the negative impact on thousands of people near the facility and living near farms where the product of this plant would be spread?
  9. Green Knight - how much monthly income do you anticipate from selling waste heat to Synagro, and how exactly will that be returned to the residents you are chartered to assist?  Your grants have been greatly reduced in the past 5 years - why are you stockpiling money and not distributing it to causes in the community?
  10. Green Knight - you knew when you built the energy center in 2001 that you would have waste heat, and planned to sell it to one or more businesses located on the TechoBloc site.  TechoBloc has no use for your waste heat, and TechoBloc consumed all three lots you had targeted as "energy consumers" of yours.  Why are you continuing to pursue this idea, when there is no viable permitted business to be a such waste heat consumer on an adjacent lot that is not already in use?
19.3 acre Slate Belt Industrial Center was planned to have three developed lots, which Green Knight had hoped to sell both electricity and waste heat to.  Neither happened.  Now in a Hail Mary by the Queen of Shit, Green Knight is trying to sell its waste heat to an additional company proposing a non-permitted use on Waste Management's own property - fail.
Up in Smoke II - Techo Bloc, much ballyhooed as an achievement of Green Knight, bought all three SBIC parcels and combined them and has no use for Green Knight's waste heat.