Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Synagro application for crap processing plant in Plainfield Township tabled until April

Apparently, no new application materials were received by Plainfield Township by today - the deadline for February's planning commission meeting.  Therefore, the only options that leaves are Synagro would attempt to move forward with an unworkable site plan (the one currently submitted but tabled), or it will remain tabled, grant an extension and not appear at the February meeting.

EDIT 2/1 3:30pm  Synagro has annouunced that it is tabling its application until the April planning commission meeting, and has extended deadlines for township rulings on planning and zoning matters until May 31, 2017.

This blogger's money is that Synagro is furiously working to attempt to relocate its proposed plant in the Solid Waste district, where it is a permitted use and multiple uses are allowed.  The same property as the land fill.  The challenge is, the land fill consumes virtually all the easily developed and accessed land in the SW district.  Also, the DEP may have to be solicited for its input, since a site chosen could be in an already DEP-permitted area for the land fill.  Stay tuned for more definitive information as it becomes available.