Sunday, November 19, 2017

Engineering and Zoning review letters for Synagro October 3, 2017 Sketch Plan submission for biosolids crap bakery in Plainfield Township

On October 3, 2017, Synagro withdrew its site plan submissions for a biolsolids processing plant at a principal site and an alternate site in Plainfield Township, Northampton County.  A new plan was submitted - a sketch plan on the same alternate site that was previously pursued - on top of a quarry.

The principal difference in the new sketch plan (a sketch plan does not have to meet the same requirements as a site plan - it can be literally a sketch - in this case however, the drawings submitted are equivalent to those that would accompany a site plan) is that Synagro is now planning to haul its waste water off site.  While Synagro has stated this is in response to public concerns, it is likely that Synagro realized it may not obtain approval to dump 80,000 gallons of waste water containing ammonia and other goodies into low volume, high quality streams.  It isn't clear why Synagro is switching to a sketch plan, when ultimately they would have to return to the Planning Commission with a site plan submission to obtain a permit.  Perhaps they believe they can obtain the required regulatory approvals with a sketch plan.

The sketch plan diagrams and narrative were previously posted here (click).  Reviews of this submission were completed by:
  • Plainfield Township Zoning Office
  • BCM (environmental engineering consultant for Plainfield Township)
  • Hanover Engineering (township engineer for Plainfield Township).
The three reviews are posted below.  At a glance, the Zoning Office has dug deeper into the proposed site and has added critical commentary on the original development plan of Green Knights that Synagro is relying on.  Check back here for additional observations as time permits.  Please arrive at your own conclusions in the mean time.  Here is one tidbit - when is a street not a street?  When it isn't connected to the street system according to the Zoning Office.
Proposed "cul-de-sac" to allegedly place Energy Center on a street can not be a street
because it crosses someone else's property (in red).  More like a hanging chad.

Synagro and Plainfield Township are lined up for an extended legal battle in this observer's opinion.  The township is not wavering in its belief that multiple variances are required, and Synagro (and Waste Management) is forging ahead with a fa-la-la "variances?  we don't need no stinking variances!" attitude because this shit is too good to pass up.  Construction will not be beginning anytime soon, if ever.

Township Zoning Office Review

Township Consulting Environmental Engieer Review

Township Engineer Review