Sunday, January 3, 2016

Public Notice of May 1, 2014 Adoption of CJER Zoning Ordinance Amendments Shows Anomaly in Eldred Township

After the planned March 27, 2014 adoption of CJER zoning amendments was postponed, a handful of additional amendments were drafted for the townships, including the water extraction amendment.  The file linked to below shows the Public Notice for the subsequent May 1, 2014 meeting on the left, and the text from the actual amendments on the right.

Note that in the actual amendments, language to be removed is shown with a strike through.  In the Public Notice, this is also true in every case except for one very notable exception - the Water Extraction/Bottling amendment in Eldred Township does not show that the word "industry" will be deleted.  This conceals from the reader of the public notice the full text of what changed, and makes it even harder for someone familiar with ordinance to determine that a change of use occurred.  The average resident wouldn't have a clue.  Given it is the only amendment that appears to result in a change of use, the singular omission appears a bit suspicious.
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