Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Who Deserves Credit - for Uncovering the Fraud?

One citizen stands out for their tireless efforts to uncover key documents that exposed the haphazard and illegal manner in which the water extraction amendment was passed.  This person was stonewalled by various agencies, yet persevered in the face of rude and evasive behavior, and obtained documentation that exposed the fraudulent manner in which the amendment was passed.  This person blazed a trail, over which commoners like this author could easily follow.  This person will not be named here, but this post is in recognition of a citizen with several years of service to his community, who knew something must have been done wrong - and was right.

Your efforts have helped to strengthen a community that you love,
and permit it to emerge from a brief but very dark period in which the
activities of government were obscured by a poison pen.
The good citizens of Eldred Township owe you a debt of gratitude.

Random thought - Anyone can follow.  Imagine if we had no leaders.  It would be almost
as bad as having leaders that are corrupt.

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