Monday, March 14, 2016

If your land is within 1/2 mile of Nestle's production wells, your future development rights are impacted & See Nestle's Site Plan

The red arcs on the map below are a 0.5 mile radius around each of Nestle's two production wells.  This is considered "Zone 2" for wellhead protection, which is covered by Sec 707 of the Eldred Township zoning ordinance.  If your land lies within Zone 2, you will be restricted as detailed in the ordinance in what you can do and how you can make future developments on your property.  This is so that Nestle's wells are protected.

If this concerns you, you should appear at the Zoning Hearing Board hearings and voice your objections.  The next one or two hearings will likely be consumed by direct testimony.  Following that is the testimony of objectors, which is the portion of the proceedings where you could rise to put your testimony into the record.  You will need to prove your "standing" - that you are within Zone 2, if you wish to testify on this specific point.
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Here is the Zoning Ordinance.

Nestle Site Plan
As documented in a recent post, the site of Nestle's planned water extraction in Kunkletown was targeted by millionaires for development at the turn of the 20th century.  Most of the "improvements" made at that time, by subsidies of the Chestnut Ridge Corporation, are gone today.  Nestle's site plan is below, with notations added to depict the location of development that commenced in 1898.

The map takes about 35 seconds to download on a slow DSL connection, and will be better resolution than you will see by zooming in the Scribd window.

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