Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Second Eldred Township Zoning Hearing Board hearing of Nestle Waters special exception application completed - Frank O'Donnell presiding

Last night the Eldred Zoning Hearing Board met for four hours, in continuation of the special exception permit application.

At the beginning of the hearing, ZHB Solicitor Martinez announced his decision that ZHB Chairman Frank O'Donnell was not biased, based on a comment he had made last year to the membership of an environmental organization to which he belongs.  This was the correct decision, in this observer's view.

The remainder of the hearing was spent on direct testimony of engineer Ed Davis, whose company Miller Bros Construction authored the Nestle application narrative and Site Plans, and which also did the storm water management for the project.

This testimony had a stronger effect on observers than prescription sleep medication - which is to be expected.  There are numerous requirements for projects of this scope, and it is routine for the Applicant to read into the record every last detail to show that each requirement is met.  Mr. Davis' testimony was not quite completed at the time the hearing was terminated.  Testimony resumes on April 20 at 7pm at the fire hall.

There was a good contingent of citizens in the audience at the beginning of the hearing, and this thinned after the first two hours to the usual suspects - about 40 dedicated die-hards.  Perhaps if finger foods were offered from the fire hall kitchen, the staying power of observers would be better.

Too much Duff?  Nope - this guy just sat through a 4 hour zoning hearing board hearing.
Luckily, this condition is reversible, after a 4 hour break

Two individuals from outside Eldred Township petitioned for standing.  One is Supervisor Michael Hurley of Polk Township, which now appears to be on full notice that Nestle's preferred trucking route includes a tricky turn at the Silver Springs Boulevard/Route 209 intersection.  The other is Jim Vogt, president of the Aquashicola/Pohopoco Watershed Conservancy.  Both these individuals appear to have standing, but their requests were tableed for a determination at the next hearing.

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