Monday, May 30, 2016

Sharon Solt doesn't know who authorized the 2016 water extraction amendment 1-1/2 months after she seconded the motion to advertise it - true story!

Yet another page from the "you just could not make this *(@! up" book.  Previously, it was reported here that former supervisor Sharon Solt as Eldred Township's Right to Know Officer in June 2015 in response to a request stated that she was unable to determine who authored the 2014 Eldred Township water extraction amendment.  In her own township while she was supervisor and she was secretary and she was on the CJER Planning Committee and its secretary.  Setting aside the fact that it is her duty to find out if such a record exists as RTK officer, come on now, be serious!

Now she doesn't know anything about how or when the 2016 Eldred Township water extraction amendment was authorized, even though she seconded the motion to do it herself.  No, this is not a joke.

At the January 2016 Eldred Township Board of Supervisors meeting, Mary Anne Clausen made a motion to advertise a hearing for an amendment that would overturn the illegally passed 2014 amendment that allowed Nestle Waters Deer Park to apply to extract water from the commercial zoning district.

It should be noted that Ms. Clausen twice made such a motion in 2015, when the landower's girlfriend was supervisor, and neither she nor Ms. Solt would second that motion - this would have avoided the legal battle now being waged at the zoning hearing board and in county court - both of which should result in positive outcomes for concerned citizens, and a lot of unnecessary expense to Eldred Township residents.  This whole episode was avoidable, if the people who were caught red-handed had just done the right thing, instead of believing that they would succeed with the initial plan.

Anyhoo, Ms. Solt, in true form, voted against Ms. Clausen's motion in January, which had been seconded by newly seated supervisor JoAnn Bush.  The motion passed 2-1.  This was Solt's last stand after the puppets failed to be appointed at the reorganization meeting earlier in the evening.

Ms. Solt then seconded a motion to advertise the hearing, and to send the amendment to planning agencies for recommendation, and the motion passed 3-0.  This event was covered by two local newspapers.  Here is the official record:

OK, now for the money shot.  Not two months later, Ms. Solt is puzzled about who voted on such an amendment and sends the following email to her colleagues on the regional planning committee CJERP to ask them:

Who's on first base?  I don't know - third base?  Can you imagine what the people who received this email thought?

First and foremost, why is Ms. Solt asking CJERP members?  This is an Eldred BOS function.  And Ms. Solt is asking this question 2 days after the email was sent that she is replying to.  It didn't occur to her in that time:
  1. that She is the one who seconded the motion on the vote that did exactly what she is asking?
  2. to check the minutes from January and February that she and other supervisors had been distributed?
  3. to ask her two fellow board members?
  4. to ask the person who took the January minutes (Secretary Ann Velopolcek)?
  5. to find another of the 100+ people who attended the January board meeting?
  6. that she should extract her head?
Enjoy your retirement - you were overworked or just maybe you weren't capable of doing the job in the first place.  You don't appear to have an understanding of routine municipal procedures after 10 years in office,   And she suggested to others that they should have paid better attention to what was going on at town meetings?  This may partly explain why minutes often didn't reflect what happened, according to residents present at township meetings.

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