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Well goes dry at property of 2015 Eldred Board of Supervisor candidate - US Gov't groundwater monitoring device appears nearby

This past week, a new well was drilled reportedly out of necessity on Wood View Road in Kunkletown, near the site of the planned Nestle Water extraction.

Ironically, the site of this replacement well is the home of none other than Kevin Silliman, candidate for Eldred Township supervisor in 2015, at the height of the furor over Nestle Waters/Deer Park's plan to extract 200,000 gallons of water a day from the aquifer underlying the heart of Kunkletown.  Mr. Silliman was defeated by Joann Bush in the general election.

A (replacement) well grows in Kunkletown

An Eldred resident was interviewed, and related 3 conversations he had with Mr. Silliman during the run-up to the election.  This resident wanted to know where Mr. Silliman stood on the issues.

Q: Was Mr. Silliman either pro-Nestle, or anti-Nestle?
A: He kept saying that he had to appear neutral, since he was running for supervisor.
Q: Did he appear to have a bias, an inclination towards one side or the other"
A: Not with me, but the public widely believed him to be pro-Nestle.
Q: Did you ask specifically what he thought of the proposal?
A: Yes, and he said that he didn't know enough about the issue to offer an opinion one way or the other.  I felt that his apparent lack of interest and failure to educate himself about the most volatile issue in town was an indication that he didn't care, or was in favor of it.

Mr. Silliman probably cares now.  Reportedly $6000 had been spent prior to the well being completed.

edit 10/19 - Mr. Silliman has posted some comments on this blog, making some interesting statements.

  1. He suggested that as a journalist, I may want to write differently.  I'm not a journalist, I am a bottom feeding blogger.  World of difference.
  2. He suggested I traumatized his family, wagged around "private property" and the PA State Police.  What happened is a car pulled up behind me on Wood View as I was preparing to take my first picture, and I moved to the shoulder of the road, with my back to that car.  The car pulled into the driveway and behind shrubs as I was taking a picture from where I stood, and its horn blew several times.  A woman yelled out of the car towards the house something, maybe someone's name, and then started yelling "EXCUSE ME!" "EXCUSE ME!" while the she was still behind the shrubs.  The woman then appeared at the end of the driveway continuing to yell "EXCUSE ME!", just as I had taken a picture 15' down the road towards my car.  As I got in, she approached me, gestured off towards her house, and said "I just saw you on my property!", to which I replied truthfully :"I was not on your property, I was on the road."  I added that it is legal to take pictures from public property, but not people, and she gestured as if to say "well, my property IS private."  The law is that pictures may be taken of private property from public property, as long as it isn't of something trademarked, like an architecturally unique structure.  Like my home, I doubt that the home in question is trademarked.  You also can't take pictures of some government buildings.  Think Google Maps - how can they publish pictures of your house?  It's legal, that's how.
  3. I didn't traumatize this family - the woman escalated the situation as I calmly explained it was legal for me to take the pictures I did from the road.  She was yelling out my license plate as I drove away.  Started yelling as soon as she hit her driveway with the car, and didn't stop until I was down the street.  I remained calm and on public property at all times.  If Mr. Silliman is thinking of pressing charges, he better find a very creative camera that miraculously moves me onto his property, or change the law.  The only person I interacted with was the woman, who didn't appear to want to accept my explanation.  I can't control that, and shouldn't have caused trauma to anyone through my words or actions.  As a bottom feeding blogger, I won't be intimidated by threats to get the State Police involved.  I can't imagine them pursuing the matter at all, but if they did I would be pleased to speak with them.
  4. I didn't publish the two pictures I took.  They prove I was where I say I was, however.
  5. I will continue to delete Mr. Silliman's posts, since they allege I traumatized his family and suggest I may have trespassed, as well as they identify the ages and sexes of his children.  If he wishes to create his own blog, that is his right.

US Government is monitoring groundwater only steps away

Only a few houses away on Wood View Road, there is a monitoring device.  When the phone number on the box was called, it was explained that the device monitors groundwater, but why the box was installed and who requested it could not be released.

Big brother is watching - but exactly what and why?

Water levels down in area creeks

Nestle's engineer testified under oath that he had done "an analysis" that showed the required 90,000 gal/hr rate could be supplied by the dry hydrant at the Chestnut Ridge Lane bridge.  His analysis will never be seen, but was likely flawed.  Here are some pictures taken October 15.  How might they differ if Nestle was sucking the aquifer dry?
Buckwha Creek

Princess Run at intersection of Fiddletown Rd and Kleintop Lane

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