Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Jay Land claims trucks hauling water from West Penn Fort Franklin site are safe, despite crossing into oncoming traffic and continuing accidents

Title 75 of the PA Code, Title 75 Sec 3745 covers leaving the scene of an accident in which there is damage to another vehicle or property.

On at least three occasions in October and November, the guardrail on the corner of Route 309 and Blue Mountain Drive was struck and damaged, according to residents.  The first incident was reported to the police as a water tanker striking it, and the property owner of the Fort Franklin water extraction site was reportedly seen inspecting the damage the following day.

Also, video and still pictures taken during this time show that loaded tankers leaving Blue Mountain Drive and turning onto Route 309 South are crossing totally over the double line on Blue Mountain Drive, and sit stopped while waiting to turn.  This creates a hazard for anyone travelling 50+ mph and turning quickly onto Blue Mountain Drive.  Also, tankers are pulling across all 4 lanes of Route 309, blocking all traffic that is travelling 50+ mph in both directions.

At the December 5, 2016 spoke publicly about issues involving the Fort Franklin site, including questions about the safety of tankers travelling to and from the site.  Incredibly, Mr. Land stated that the road is safe and trucks are not making the road unsafe.  Take your pick of blocking Blue Mountain Drive, blocking Route 309 and destroying the guardrail - which one(s) don't decrease safety?  Did anyone in the room believe him?  Do they have a barf bag dispenser at the entrance to the meeting room, like the poop bags for dogs on walking trails?

Here is a picture of the guardrail after the first incident, taken on October 7, 2016:

Here is a picture taken November 21, 2016:

And finally November 30, 2016:

Here is a video showing what Mr. Land apparently considers "safe" operation of water tankers leaving his site - note the car and tractor trailer that have a close call steaming up Route 309:

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