Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Synagro dog and pony show is typical nonsense - media concentrates on wrong aspect of biosolids plant in Plainfield Township

Talking shit

Synagro, Waste Management and Green Knight Economic Development held "information sessions" on January 9 and January 10 in Plainfield Township and Pen Argyl.  They met expectations - a few stations here and there, with samples of dried shit, processed shit, green shit.  Smiling representatives of shit with pretty name tags on their shirts.  "Look, our shit is so safe you can eat it."

Reporters were there from the dailies.  One veteran walked out after 20 minutes, looking very unimpressed and like he was wondering why he was there.  Some of them had no clue.  Said one, "Synagro told me they have aren't sure where they are putting the plant."  This is bull shit.  The reporter had done no investigation into Synagro's plan - if they had, they would know that Synagro has a Site Plan currently under review, to locate its crap bakery where it requires two use variances.

The reporting on this project is lacking, to be kind.  BFD Ron Angle was interviewed by WFMZ - guess what he had to say?  Crap is safe to spread on fields.  Years ago, Angle was an ardent opponent to spreading sludge on fields.  The winds have shifted for Ron, but who the hell cares?  Interviewing Angle puts the cart before the horse - Synagro's plant is not permitted where they plan to put it.  The first question is where are you putting it, and is it permitted there?
Synagro Site Plan submitted December 5, 2016 - a reporter allowed Synagro to say they haven't chosen a site yet - clearly they have

This plant is not going to be permitted or denied on public sentiment.  Whether it obtains a permit or not is going to hinge on zoning.   Stay tuned for real reporting on this project, not the tip of the waves economic development fluff that sells newspapers.  A shit factory is coming, and it will smell and provide a couple of jobs.  Fill a two minute slot on the 5pm news.  Ron's a very smart guy who rubs some people the wrong way, and if you've heard him speak you know he can talk shit like nobody's business, but his opinions on sludge have no bearing on this project's approval.

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