Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Curse of the Golden Turd - Greed, Synagro, Waste Management and Green Knight Economic Development Corporation

A group of conspirators mesmerized by a turd out of greed - sound familiar?

In the past week, the Golden Turd Award was bestowed on this blog to Green Knight Economic Development Corporation, Synagro and Waste Management, in recognition of their attempt to locate a crap bakery where it isn't permitted, without the notice to the public that their own public relations document represented would take place so that concerned citizens could take part in hearings.  It was only seven weeks after their site plan was reviewed that they held a public event - structured in a manner that only one on one interaction was possible.

Golden Turd awards piling up for Synagro and its partners
Lisa Perin, granddaughter of the founder of the land fill that became the shitpile known as Waste Management's Pen Argyl facility, has stated her opposition to Synagro's crap bakery proposed for Plainfield Township, and is promoting a petition in opposition to it.

Click to see petition that Lisa Perin signed

John Reinhart, resident of Pen Argyl and Superintendent of the Easton Area School District, wrote a guest column in the Express Times yesterday, expressing his opinion that Synagro, Waste Management, and Green Knight's proposal is passe - we don't need any more collections of shit in the Slate Belt under the guise of "economic development".  Mr. Reinhart thinks that this proposal is a horrible idea that conjures up memories of tire heaps, stump grinding, and fly ash, and this blogger agrees.  He calls out Green Knight specifically for having shit the bed in presenting as economic development this nonsense that will line the pockets of Waste Management and Synagro at the expense of the quality of life and decreased property values of residents of the Slate Belt.

Click to read Reinhart's column

Greed - a ride on a toll road that may be a dead end
Greed can do bad things to good people.  For example, they might tell you that you will be invited to participate in public hearings, and then proceed to not invite you.  They might say that their project is a permitted use, even though it isn't.
Gem and emerald-encrusted shit - fuel on the road to riches or the road to hell?

Here's are examples of how a quest for the wealth associated with possession of a golden turd may lead to disaster.  Beware the golden turd - mess you up!

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