Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Grand Central Landfill (Waste Management) in Plainfield Township reportedly withdraws permit modification request to solidify and dispose of liquid waste

As reported first on this blog, Waste Management/Grand Central Sanitary Landfill submitted a permit modification request to the PA DEP in the spring of 2016, to solidify and dispose of liquid waste. This is a lucrative business area, and glutton Waste Management clearly wanted an even bigger slice of the waste disposal pie than it already has.  It is also attempting to lease a portion of its property to Synagro, to locate a crap bakery on the parcel of land currently used for the landfill.   The surrounding communities are uniformly opposed to this project, as well as Plainfield Township.  16 jobs and $50,000 a year in tax receipts for one community has been deemed to be a horrendous trade off for reduced property values and a near certain guarantee of odors, not to mention 80,000 gallons of waste water a day discharged into high quality streams.  The proposal requires eight zoning variances that have been identified thus far, and despite Synagro not being able to demonstrate the necessary hardships to be granted zoning relief, this project is still scheduled for review.  Greed has no bounds for Waste Management, which should have retracted its offer to Synagro months ago.  There is no apparent lease- Synagro has failed to submit evidence of equitable ownership to the the township, which is required for such an application.

At tonight's Plainfield Township Board of Supervisors meeting, a scheduled agenda item was:
  • Notification of PA DEP Minor Permit Modification Application Withdrawal - Solidification Plan Modification - Grand Central Sanitary Landfill/Waste Management (underline added)
A DEP representative informed this blogger two months ago that the DEP was concerned about this permit modification request, and was not inclined to grant it, but no detailed discussions had taken place at that point..  Apparently either the application was pursued by Waste Management in the last few months, and it was determined they could not be successful in obtaining the modification, or the scrutiny that came with the request becoming public was not desired.  Either way, this chip has reportedly been removed from the table.

Now all that remains is for Synagro to realize it can't possibly be successful, literally pack its shit up and go the hell away.  It was a bull shit plan from the start, and once it didn't get rammed through in a single night in November 2016 (by none other than Green Knight member and Planning Commission member Robert Cornman Jr) this became obvious.  Quite simply, there was an attempt made to cornhole the residents of Plainfield Township, Wind Gap and Pen Argyl - and it failed.  Those involved should be ashamed, including Synagro legal counsel Matthew Goodrich, who misrepresented at the November 2016 planning commission meeting that the application met the zoning ordinance.  That proposal is currently not even being discussed because it was/is in direct conflict with the uses allotted in the ordinance.

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