Tuesday, December 18, 2018

EPA Office of Inspector General reports that 352 unregulated pollutants are in land-applied biosolids like Synagro's Slate Belt plant would produce

On November 15, the Office of the Inspector General of the EPA issued a report whose findings are contrary to what Synagro and Green Knight have been claiming about the Class A biosolids that Synagro proposes to produce in Plainfield Township - that the product poses no risk to humans.   Synagro will test for only what it is required to test for - they have stated this numerous times during the Planning Commission review of its site plan and land development plan.  When asked if they would test for more pollutants, the answer from project manager Jim Hecht and Synagro/Waste Management attorney Elizabeth Witmer is consistently "no" or "we will test only for what is required".

Testing is required for only 9 metals.  That's it.  The Office of the Attorney General found that 61 pollutants of the 352 in land-applied biosolids that are currently unregulated are considered "acutely hazardous, hazardous or priority pollutants in other [EPA] programs"

Synagro, Waste Management, Green Knight and even the PA DEP are acting as though this project is "green" and good for the environment.  There is nothing "green" about impacting people's health.

(The report is at this link and also linked below)

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