Thursday, January 28, 2016

CJERP meets on January 28... with no agenda item to discuss questions submitted over a month ago per their policy

Regional planning body CJERP met last evening.  They had a reorganization meeting first, and then their January meeting, which lasted a total of about 10 minutes prior to dismissing CJERP Solicitor Fareri..  A few commission members including planner Matt Neeb departed the dais.  A lengthy presentation on Monroe County Hazard Mitigation then followed.
10:30 AM Updated to reflect the meeting lasted longer than 10 minutes.

I thought perhaps the Eldred Township water extraction amendment that reverses the 2014 change, scheduled to be discussed on February 17 by the Eldred Board of Supervisors, might have been sent to CJERP for review.  It was not on the agenda.  .  It is such a simple amendment that I assumed it would be sent out immediately.  Perhaps the BOS will or must wait until such time that they have held a hearing on it to send it out for review

I also hoped that the questions I sent CJERP Planner Matt Neeb per his request, so that CJERP could review them, would be discussed.  Neither my questions or letters were mentioned, nor was it noted I was in the room, though Mr.Neeb knew I was there.

Half of the meeting before the Hazard Mitigation presentation consisted of Monroe County Planning Commission planner Nate Staruch summarizing some zoning matters that have been reviewed.  He reminded CJERP members that the guiding principle is consistency across CJERP.  It was warm in the room, and I wanted to vomit, in light of the travesty of the water extraction amendment in 2014, which violated the principle of consistency within CJERP as badly as humanly possible.

Having not received a reply from CJERP Chief Question Addressee Matt Neeb to my letters of December 17, 2014 and December 31, 2014, I wrote him this letter (full-sized version here) when I returned home:

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