Thursday, January 28, 2016

Poll - Who is Most Responsible for an Industrial Use Being Added to a Commercial District, with No Notice to Citizens?

There is a poll on the right sidebar.  It is anonymous and totally unscientific - something like the amendment that was passed.

You will notice that you may vote for more than one choice, but remember the task is to choose who is most responsible.

You may notice some entries missing.  For example Eldred Supervisor Gretchen Gannon Pettit may deserve her own entry.  Also, the Monroe County Planning Commission, which has paid planners - we'll learn more about their involvement in Part 4 of how we got here.  CJERP Solicitor Fareri may deserve his own spot, because the CJERP Intergovermental Agreement appears to have not been followed in the course of this amendment being passed.  You can vote for CJERP if you feel strongly for Mr. Fareri.  If you don't see your choice, vote "I don't know" and we'll think of that as "I don't know/Other".

You have elected officials, appointed volunteers, paid staff, paid solicitors and paid consultants.   The identity of the entity most responsible is clear in the author's opinion, but may depend on your own personal perspective.  Please take a second to vote.  Let's have some fun with this, like ingrown toenails.

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