Thursday, February 25, 2016

Explosion Adjacent to Eldred Twp Nestle Water Extraction Site - IED or "Atmospheric Event"?

On Sunday morning, a very loud explosion rocked houses adjacent to the site of the Nestle/Deer Park water extraction operation.  Reports are that it ripped a "thirty foot wide path" through trees, on a property across Chestnut Ridge Road from the site.  The explosion apparently occurred at an elevated level above ground, ripping apart the crowns of trees, and raining tree branches down to the ground.  Walls of houses shook, and it was reported there was some broken glass on a resident's property.

Tree debris - if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck -
it's a duck

It is rumored that one agency that received a report of this event has suggested that the cause is an "atmospheric event".

I found this interesting.  What is an "atmospheric event"?  If someone breaks wind, is that an atmospheric event?  It's man-made global warming, for sure, but I don't believe it is an atmospheric event.  An atmospheric event is an electrical storm, for example.

Come on.  Google it.  I guarantee that you won't find improvised explosive devices included in atmospheric events - trust me.  People who have seen the damage suggest C4 or a stick of dynamite.  I'm not sure how you convert one of those into a surface to air missile, but that sounds a lot more likely than an atmospheric event.  When God starts dropping bombs from the sky, we're in a heap more trouble than tractor trailer traffic all day and night.

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