Sunday, February 21, 2016

Supervisor Solt Receives Single Finger Salutes Of Recognition During Nestle Special Exception Hearing

As reported earlier today, one commentator blurted out some colorful language when faced with an argument he vigorously disagreed with put forth by the legal counsel for Nestle at its Special Exception presentation to the planning commission.

It wasn't the only crack in decorum during the meeting.  There were several residents who became emotional during the evening, which is normal when residents believe they are on the verge of losing something precious to them.

One resident who had sat through slide after slide by hydrogeologist Lou Vettorio (when Mr. Vettorio first rose to speak, a young lady asked in a low voice "do you think he will be as condescending as he was last month?") suddenly broke the monotonous progression by exclaiming something like "I'm sorry, but this is b(@) @#(!"  He looked towards the presenters as he pulled his jacket on, shrugged his shoulders almost apologetically as if to say "there is nothing you have to say I am interesting in hearing," and left.  As the evening progressed, there were others in the crowd who figured they has seen enough and left.  Again, pretty typical.  But there was one who was in it for the long haul, who brought her game face with her.

It is reported that Sharon Solt, who sat through most of the meeting looking like she was cast in stone, evidently inspired a far more heartfelt response from one citizen in the audience.  This person reportedly said something to the effect of "we wouldn't be here if it were not for you," which is a 100% accurate statement.  It became known in May of 2015 that a change in land use not advertised to the community occurred when the ordinance update advertised as "simple changes" by three agencies that Ms. Solt sat on (Eldred Supervisor, Monroe County Planning Commission, CJER).  Ms. Solt was also the Eldred Secretary (what could go wrong?), and instead of bringing the amendment she received from Planning Consultant Carson Helfrich on March 24, 2014 to her supervisor colleagues for an authorization vote, she submitted a 2-word version of it to planners for review.  Between May 2015 and when Nestle filed its Special Exception Application in December 2015, Ms. Solt had multiple opportunities to second a motion to overturn this ordinance change that Eldred Township's counsel now admits was passed improperly, but she refused to do so.  She has stated "I am neither for or against this project," which clearly doesn't match her inaction in failing to right a wrong which was enabled only by her own own flawed actions.  She failed to do her job.  There is no shortage of gall in Ms. Solt, who incredibly voiced a concern during the February 2016 supervisor meeting over the amount of money Eldred Township is spending to undo the ordinance change and keep Nestle from developing on a site they would not be able to be targeting if not for Ms. Solt's own failures.

In a sudden collapse of the stony facade that Ms. Solt had on her face, she reportedly replied "you should have paid closer attention to what was going on."  This says a lot about Ms. Solt's character, or lack thereof.  The various bodies that Ms. Solt was associated with had the responsibility to pass ordinance amendments that had been properly discussed and reviewed in public, and that process failed miserably - starting with the fact the amendment in question was never even authorized to be drafted by Solt and her colleagues.  There were multiple Eldred Twp residents at the CJER meeting where this illegal amendment was passed, and Ms. Solt did not see to it that the amendment was discussed in proper detail that they could ask the right questions.

Reportedly, in the face of Ms. Solt's inability to take responsibility for her actions (not the first time, according to reports), this citizen extended a single finger salute to Ms. Solt during the presentation - twice.  Not knowing whether these were simultaneous, or spaced in time, the following graphic covers both possibilities.  This reporter must have been concentrating on Mr. Vettorio's slide show, because the interaction was not heard or seen - pity.

Where is this covered in the Zoning Ordinance?
Is this a Variance or Request for Interpretation?

Update: It is reported that the individual delivering the salutes in question looks not totally unlike the woman in this picture.

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