Monday, March 7, 2016

Landowner's attorney conspires with Eldred Planning Commission secretary and mother of landowner's bff to alter meeting minutes

You just could not make this up.  On the day following landowner Gower attorney James Wimmer's unannounced visit to the March 20, 2014 Eldred Township Planning Commission meeting, Mr. Wimmer via email directed planning commission secretary Darcy Gannon to alter her draft minutes.

Evidently Ms. Gannon sent her draft minutes to Mr. Wimmer for his "review" in the paneled offices back at Philip & Wimmer.  Instead of clearing up any misunderstandings in person with the planners and/or solicitor... you know... the evening before at the meeting itself.  Since when are draft meeting minutes sent to people outside the town for review?

Below, an excerpt of the official March 20, 2014 minutes adopted in April is shown on the right, and an excerpt of Mr. Wimmer's helpful email to "fill in the blanks" is shown on the left.
Note the following:
  • The official minutes are identical to the "modified" version that Mr. Wimmer crafted on behalf of his client, Ricky Gower - Ms. Gannon was most receptive to Mr. Wimmer's powers of suggestion.
  • Mr.Wimmer signed his email "Jimmy" - Mr. Wimmer has known Ms. Gannon for years.
  • Mr. Wimmer suggests that he and Ms. Gannon get together for a "date" to celebrate their work together.
  • Ricky Gower's significant other, Gretchen Gannon-Pettit, is an Eldred supervisor and more importantly the daughter of secretary Gannon.
  • Update 4/6 Note the email address - this message was passed through Gretchen Gannon-Pettit's township email account.
  • Mr. Wimmer has made a few most strategic changes - he warms up with the false and misleading statement that the use "would then no longer be permitted on Gower's property," (it never was) and tops things off with the critical (and misleading) phrase "the planners concurred with this request."
  • The misrepresentation that this use only consists of "piping and storage tanks."   No mention of 40-ton trucks roaring up the hills of Kunkletown every 10 minutes all day and until 11pm, which is the aspect that makes it an industrial use.
Mr. Wimmer must have been downright giddy when he learned that Ms. Gannon was able to comply with all his requests, out of the sight and earshot of the planning commission members and their solicitor - the people Ms. Gannon should have consulted if she had a question about what happened at the meeting.

No wonder Ms. Gannon is no longer employed at Eldred Twp.  Hopefully "Jimmy" bought her surf and turf.

Jimmy has the moves to get the job done

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