Monday, March 7, 2016

Objectors to Nestle's planned operation have cars vandalized - again

This past weekend, it is reported that at least two cars of residents who have petitioned to nullify the corrupt ordinance change that permitted Nestle to file its application, were vandalized.  This is second time these citizens have been targeted.  There have also been other cars vandalized, and an improvised explosive device that was launched over another objector's property, causing the destruction of tree limbs over an area at least a 60' x 30'.

The problem for the adult-aged juvenile delinquents perpetrating these senseless acts of violence is that they are fighting a losing battle against a small army.  The appeal in the Monroe Court of Common Pleas is a solid case.  The township has already admitted this, leaving Ricky Gower and his law firm (which is the same one that Eldred Twp taxpayers pay for to represent regional planning body CJERP) to attempt to intervene and defend rights Gower believes he is entitled to.  The only problem is, the ordinance change in question was the result of a corrupt process, with Elded Twp, CJERP, and the county planning commission bearing responsibility.  Furthermore, there are multiple issues with Nestle's current application, and the Eldred Twp Supervisors are in the process of overturning the amendment that was illegally passed.  Thus, the rights Mr. Gower believes he has are as good as a concrete foundation built on quick sand.

Whoever is vandalizing property is desperate, and realizes that their carefully-crafted diabolical plan to place an industrial operation in a commercial zoning district is about to go up in smoke.  And they have over 120 people to act out against.  Better get some more cans of paint...

An analysis of a recent court filing will be posted in the next few days, revealing just how weak the landowner's argument is that the ordinance was legally passed.  Incredibly (or not?), CJERP is maintaining the same position as the landowner, according to its Solicitor, whose law firm also represents the landowner.  CJERP may want to spend 5 minutes looking into the matter, admit the obvious, and stand alongside CJERP member Eldred Twp.  At CJERP's February meeting, its Solicitor announced his opinion that the ordinance was legally passed, but CJERP didn't debate or vote on this.  The Solicitor recommended CJERP not discuss the 2014 amendment.  Eldred Twp's representatives should make a motion at the next CJERP meeting that CJERP determine its position.  Conduct a frigging executive session if you must, then get a towel to wipe the cartons of eggs off your faces.  The sooner the better.

When Sharon Solt heard that candy was tossed back at people who were opposed to Nestle handing it out in a Halloween Parade in 2015, she said on Facebook "if that happened, it is wrong."  What does she have to say now that residents of Eldred Twp are having their cars vandalized, and an explosive launched at someone's property?  People who are doing nothing more than protecting their health, safety and welfare?  After all, she and Gretchen Gannon Pettit are the ones responsible for not overturning the amendment in Spring 2015, when it was discovered and recommended by the planning commission to be overturned, before Nestle went ahead and commenced expensive testing.  Supervisor Solt, what do you have to say to your residents?  This happened on your watch and is a result of your actions, and subsequent inaction.

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