Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kunkletown Pub for sale on Nestlé truck route - historic tavern provides creek-side immersion in 40-ton truck traffic

Looks like the rats are attempting to flee.  Berkshire Hathaway has the K-town Pub listed for sale, at $329,900.  The listing agent is Valerie Nicholson for this 591 Kunkletown Rd property.  Let's hope that pub owner, former supervisor and exposed road-namer Gretchen Gannon Pettit had a chat with her about warning prospective buyers of the 6am to 11pm Nestle Deer Park heavy truck traffic that is anticipated seven days a week.  Rest your head as dusk falls just outside your private room at the Buckwha Inne, whilst tanker trucks linger, trundle and dance along like weightless clouds in full view of your window that looks out across the creek - against the backdrop of twin gleaming 40' tall steel storage tanks.  Later, don't confuse the light of the moon with reflections of the site lighting off of the tanks.  Ah, this is taste of America like it used to be... in the pre-EPA 1950's. You'll be able to almost taste the coal dust that hung in the air in days of yore.  It may seem like a dream, but it will be your reality.  This business is "turnkey".  Every 14 minutes, the ignition key of a 40-ton truck will turn.  You won't need a "Do Not Disturb" door knob tag at the Inne - within only 24 hours you will find that you've lost all sense of time, because trucks will run from before you wake until after you attempt to retire!  Just think - you could own all this.

Here is a handout that could be provided to interested buyers

A homeowner within 1/8 of a mile of the pub's location has said that in the last 6 months, his home equity took a dive of upwards of 40%, for what the loan official cited as "unknown reasons".

You know what they say - what's good for the goose is good for the gander.  You just could not make this *@)! up.  When will the nightmare end, Gretchen?  Join the club.  You should have put this up for sale in about October of 2014 - you knew what was coming.  But it just reopened that year.  That's an odd business plan.  If you are interested in funding the fight to keep Nestle out and preserve your property value, there are people raising funds.  Join the fight Gretchen, you know it's right.

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