Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Let's put asses in the seats at Wednesday's Zoning Hearing of Nestle's application

Wednesday night is the third zoning hearing of Nestle's application to withdraw 200,000 gallons (and up) of water per day from a tiny 81 acre site in Kunkletown, at 7pm in the K-town fire hall.
You won't need a drug to tolerate tonight's Nestle Zoning Hearing Board hearing - unlike past ones

These hearings can be boring, when the Applicant's witnesses and their attorney drone on and on, such as happened on March 30.  This is the main purpose of the hearing from the Applicant's perspective - to show claim that they satisfy all the requirements.

We know that all the requirements are not met in this case.  Hanover Engineering's reports dated April 15 prove it.  Tomorrow night, we will witness Nestle's first witness in cross examination.  Cross examination is the opportunity for objectors to put the Applicant on the ropes, when the Applicant's application sucks - to wit.

A lot of people have contributed to keeping Eldred Township and Kunkletown a wonderful place to live - through organizing, monetary contributions, fundraising, technical assistance, emotional support, etc.  It's a grind, but it's worth it.  Let's get out there tomorrow night in another show of unity.  One of these days, we can hope that everyone will gather to celebrate success - that day is not yet here.  Maybe we will spot a first light at the end of the tunnel together.  Keep the faith.

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