Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hood River County Oregon has DEFEATED Nestle's plan to take over the town of Cascade Locks

The poll results in Hood River County are in, and it appears that voters have voted by an overwhelming 2 to 1 margin to pass a law banning large water extraction/bottling operations.  The town of Cascade Locks has been a target of Nestle for six years.  It is believed that passage of this measure will bring Nestle's plans to an end.

Poll results will be updated later, but it appears that all precincts have reported, and half of registered voters voted.  It is measure 14-55, on the last page of the results.  So much for the tone-deaf politicians that decreed that this would be good for residents.  The people have spoken.  Boo the heck yah!

Looks like Nestle's PR machine was a tad bit off on this one.  From Nestle's site describing the proposed project: "Nestle Waters is working closely with Cascade Locks to ensure our proposed project meets our shared environmental and economic goals."  The goals of the community and Nestle turned out to be mutually exclusive, as they are in Eldred Township.  Nestle wagged 50 jobs in front of citizens in depressed Cascade Locks, and the voters said loudly "keep your paws off our water."  In Eldred Township, there are zero (0) jobs promised.  All Nestle has to offer Eldred is a one time payment that amounts to up to (not exceeding) $82.19 per day over the 25 year initial lease.  Yes, $82.19 * 365 * 25 = $750,000.  This is .04 cents per gallon (4 hundredths of one cent).  How does it feel to be targeted as a prostitute, but being paid worse for your services and goods than in a third world country?

Note: the term of Nestle's lease is not shown in the document that Nestle posted on its website for this project, but it is shown in the document on file at the county clerk's office.  There's some transparency for you!

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