Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nestle pulls out of Kunkletown/Eldred Township - don't let the doors of the Community Center hit you in the ass

Nestle water scavenger Eric Andreus announced at this evening's Eldred Township Board of Supervisors meeting that Nestle is pulling the plug on the absurdly envisioned and poorly planned operation to suck the very life blood out of Kunkletown and destroy its character and ambiance.  As reported here and in the press, their application was grossly deficient.  This announcement by Nestle was an acknowledgement that they could never obtain a permit, and even if they did they would have lost the court appeal of the ordinance change.

Nestle Waters statement with commentary added by this blog's author

Congratulations to the community for coming together in solidarity to fight the corrupt and incompetent actions that allowed Nestle to even apply to locate an operation in the village.

The hard and diligent work of the new Eldred Township Supervisors, the Eldred Township Planning Commission and its new solicitor, Hanover Engineering, concerned citizens and a few non-citizens made this victory possible.  Screw Nestle Waters and the horses they rode in on, and the assholes who clandestinely invited them into town through many acts intended to deceive taxpaying citizens and deprive them of their right to due process.  The citizens are not your whores.  Incompetent fools from the so-called Planning Consultant, CJER, the county planning commission and to top it off devious and unethical attorneys and proudly corrupt politicians.

Monroe County is a damned cesspool in places when it comes to government.  Eldred Township has put a marker down that it is bucking that trend.

Housekeeping announced at BOS meeting

In other news, Ellerslie "Bub" "Nestle's application looks just fine and you can burn egg cartons" Helm was told he need not come to work after this Friday.  Eldred Township will be contracting out zoning and building code official tasks from this point forward.  Also, recently appointed Solicitor "Bulldog" "Is naming a road across someone's property really a problem?" Karasek was replaced by the supervisors with Mr. Gaul this evening.  Mr. Gaul is also the planning commission solicitor, and a heck of a nice guy.  Keep up the great work, Eldred Supervisors!

Edit 6/9 10:30am: Eldred supervisors switched their legal advertisements from the Pocono Record to the Times News at last evening's meeting.  This in the wake of the revelation on this blog that the 2014 water extraction amendment text authorized to be advertised by the Record had language removed prior to printing.  Who made that call?  It wasn't Hillary Clinton.  And who took it?  Kelli?  Congratulations to the supervisors for shoving it up the Record's derriere.  More to follow on this blogger's investigation into this altered advertisement matter.

Who would have thought the residents of
Eldred Township and Kunkletown could destroy such wickedness?

Water destroyed this bitch too

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  1. I read the news today! I'm so thankful for all of you who have fought this despicable corporation and won! I'm 30 minutes from Allentown and have 4 young children. This is a huge issue for me as it should be! You are all heroes! Thank you so much!♡♡♡♡