Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thanks to the people who have contributed and who continue to contribute to the fight - end of tunnel in sight

The withdrawal of Nestle's zoning hearing application yesterday means that there should be no possibility of industrial water extraction on the Gower property.

Concerned citizens have contributed generously with their time, effort, and their wallets in fighting this battle.  The lawyer for the Citizens who are named and for Everyone who has contributed and even those who haven't, James Preston, has appeared at each zoning hearing of Nestle's application, and had led the fight to overturn the ordinance that allowed Nestle to seek a permit.  Mr. Preston is eminently qualified in municipal law, and launched an excellent offense in the court appeal.  He also made strategic strikes during the zoning hearing board hearings, using his knowledge to ward off errant arguments by Nestle counsel Weston.

This battle is not quite over, and neither are the legal bills.  Lawyers bill monthly, so there is a current bill to be paid for May, and there will be one at least for June to handle tying up loose ends.  Edit 6/11 There will be a final zoning hearing board meeting on June 15 to formally accept Nestle's withdrawal of its application - an example of necessary steps to close this unnecessary chapter in Eldred's history.

There are multiple fund raisers either in progress or planned by ECCO/Eldred Future.  Raymond the Amish Comic will be at the Kunkletown Fire Hall at 8pm on July 16, where you and the family can trip the light fantastic while sipping some ice cold birch beer.  Orders are complete for tee-shirts (edit - deadline extended a few days), and there is a hoagie sale that orders are wrapping up for.  There also is a candle sale planned, and rumors of a series of "Movies on the Farm".

Community events are great and fun - and take work.  I bought a tee-shirt even though I'm an alien, and will be at the K-town Fire Hall to enjoy some frivolity.  I'd attend movies in the park in a heartbeat.

If you can afford to, please consider an outright tax deductible donation to Eldred Future, to fund the completion of the legal activities associated with this fight.  Every check for $10, $20, $50 etc makes a difference.  There is quite possibly a negative fund balance as we speak, and your water supply and your neighbors' water supplies have been very effectively defended in an unprecedented zoning victory in Pennsylvania against Nestle Waters.  Who beats Nestle?  Eldred Township, that's who.  Maybe you're not local, the same as me, but let's pay our collective fight in Pennsylvania and Everytown, USA back.   Your water is priceless.  Everyone who has contributed in whatever way should be proud of our accomplishment.  Think about Eldred's Future the next time you draw a glass of water.

Donations may be made payable to:
Eldred Future
PO Box 631
Kunkletown PA   18058

Neither this blog or the author has any connection with or interest in Eldred Future, other than a shared vision.


  1. You are one of our greatest assets and will always be welcome for Sunday nights on the porch, or any other time. Thank you for all you have done.

    1. You're quite welcome, Arlene. Glad to lend a hand to the wonderful people of Kunkletown and Eldred Township.

  2. Yes, we couldn't have gotten as much done as quickly, without Don Moore's interest and assistance.

    1. It seemed like forever though. Think about the communities that have fought a similar threat for years.

  3. I would also like to add that we can reach out even further for support and to further protect our aquifer and our water here, and all over the USA by supporting the documentary begun by Alyssa Meadows and
    Myles Tyrer-Vasell. Every contribution will be greatly appreciated.
    This can happen anywhere, anytime if we don't do something to stop it. This is my hometown; I didn't go out and search for this story, it's presently happening to myself and my community, and if you happen to live in a rural area, it could happen to you too. Our water is our most valuable resource.
    Less than two weeks are left to help us finish this film, and prior to launching the funding effort, these two young people have funded the entire thing themselves. Thank you so much for doing this, Alyssa and Myles.