Monday, August 8, 2016

Landowner Gower requests to keep open 2 of 15 wells that Nestlé drilled at abandoned project site - for what purpose?

The PA DEP has a procedure for decommissioning wells.  It may be seen here.

Nestle drilled two production well boreholes and 13 monitoring wells (total of 15) on Rick Gower's property in Kunkletown - before they verified that their ill-conceived project even met the zoning - which their June 8, 2016 withdrawal letter announcing project abandonment acknowledged it did not.  Dumb and dumber.  Nestle stockholders should demand an explanation of this folly that must have cost a half million dollars and resulted in a failure to achieve planned expanded production at the (Allentown) Breinigsville, PA bottling facility. (note: number of wells above corrected on August 11, 2016)

Best laid plans for obscene profits shredded by Citizens of Kunkletown

On July 11, 2016 Eldred Township Solicitor Michael Gaul submitted a letter to Nestle Waters, requesting that the wells be decommissioned and that the results be certified.

On July 25, 2016, Nestle Waters counsel R. Timothy "we didn't call our water tanks silos to get around the zoning ordinance" Weston responded to Eldred's letter, indicating that landowner Gower has requested to keep wells MW-4 and MW-8 open.  For what purpose?

Well MW-4 is near the current shop location and a rationale for retaining it might be possible (though it apparently has not been supplied).  However, well MW-8 is 242' from the residence on the property, and located close to production well PB-1.  There appears to be only one reason to retain MW-8 - for the purpose of extracting water for use off-site, which is not a permitted use.  MW-8 should not be permitted to be left open.

Location of wells MW-4 and MW-8 on Gower property.  Production wells PB-1 & PB-2 are east of MW-8 and all three are located over the aquifer.

At the Wednesday August 10 Eldred Township BOS meeting this topic may be discussed.  Also on the agenda may be a discussion regarding Eldred Township submitting a complaint to the Disciplinary Board of the PA Supreme Court, in relation to Attorney James "let's do lunch Darcy" Wimmer's activities in relation to passage of the 2014 Eldred Township water extraction amendment.  This topic was discussed at the July 21, 2016 Eldred Township Planning Commission meeting, at which Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors Solicitor Gaul said the issue was "being explored".  There is no need to explore it - the facts have been known for several months.  Just do it.

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