Saturday, December 24, 2016

A public message from the Christmas Poo to Synagro and Waste Management re: biosolids plant proposed for Plainfield Township

"I've seen your future, and it doesn't work"

Seasons Greetings to you, Synagro and Waste Management.  The Citizens of Wind Gap, Pen Argyl and Plainfield Township would like to point out that we are aware you attempted to slither silently into town over the Thansgiving and Christmas holidays, while we focused on loved ones and thoughts of a better 2017.

We don't appreciate you sullying our holiday season with the non-permitted crap bakery you would like to force on us under the guise that it is "green", and we're putting you on notice we'll do everything in our power to climb up your asses, and send you on your merry way with stockings full of a slurry of coal and shit.  Your property is permitted one use, Waste Management, and you're making undeniably reasonable use of it - $20m in revenue each year, give or take.  It is only greed that could cloud your vision into believing you deserve even more profit from one piece of land, at the expense of neighbors and residents of our community,

We also don't appreciate having to spend our time, personal savings and tax dollars to defend ourselves, but we must because the consequences of not doing so are far too great.  So "Merry Fucking Christmas, and Happy New Year" to you.  See you in January, with plenty of Citizens and well prepared lawyers to greet you when we next meet.

"Why don't you just leave, Jerry?  Nobody wants you here.  NOBODY!"

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