Friday, December 23, 2016

Synagro biolsolids plant review before Plainfield Township Planning Commission MOVED to new date

The Planfield Township planning commission has changed its regular January meeting from the 17th to Monday the 16th, for two reasons.  One is to accommodate all of its members' schedules.  It was discovered that for years the January meeting had been held on Tuesday because MLK day was Monday, even though the township does not observe MLK day.  So this change also moves the meeting to the day it should be held.  It will be at 7pm, and is expected to be held at the Plainfield Township Fire Company, due to community interest expected.

End of business on Tuesday December 27 is the deadline to submit new materials for the planning commission to review in January, and it is unknown if Synagro will submit a new site plan, an additional variance application, etc.  It is possible they could proceed with the current site plan review - it simply can't be known at this point.
Edit 12/29 - Synagro did not update its site plan or submit any new materials by Dec 27, so it appears they will move forward with the previously submitted site plan at the January review.

So make a note - the meeting previously announced for Jan 17 has been moved up to Jan 16.

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