Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wind Gap Council and Mayor vote to oppose Synagro's biosolids crap bakery in Plainfield Township - unifying the objection of all three affected municipalities

On April 18, 2017, Wind Gap Borough Council and its mayor voted to oppose Synagro's application to locate a biosolids plant next door in Plainfield Township.  This letter is very similar to the letter of objection that Pen Argyl Council sent a few months ago, citing the same concerns for their residents - truck traffic, air and water quality, and property values.  Plainfield Township supervisors voted in December to effectively oppose the application, by authorizing the retention of consultants and attorney(s) to represent the township in the application review process.  Nobody wants this literal pile of crap and all the ills that come with it that would affect thousands of people in exchange for a claimed measly 16 jobs and $50,000 per year in tax receipts for one township.
It is curious that Wind Gap voted to oppose Synagro's application on April 18, yet this letter was not drafted until May 15, and reportedly not received by Plainfield Township until May 30.  The letter makes it clear that Wind Gap residents pressured council to take this action - as opposed to council members coming up with the idea themselves.  In fact, it is reported that a few months earlier during a Wind Gap council meeting that at least some council members did not express objections to this proposal.  One gets the very distinct impression council would not have done this on their own - the people have spoken.

The Planning Commission review for this project will take place Monday June 12, 2017 from 7pm to 10:30pm at the Wind Gap Middle School, as shown on the right margin here.  All interested parties should attend this critical meeting.

Click here to see Pen Argyl's letter.

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